Mr. Offenberger has 30+ year leading organizations in the distribution and manufacturing industries. Eric has worked in both large public companies and private organizations that have been market leaders. As President and COO of a Steel Service Center he oversaw six divisions with annual revenue of over $350 million. Mr. Offenberger has a proven track record growing sales, improving inventory turnover and driving operational efficiencies. He has been involved in green field start-ups as well as major capital development and installation of ERP applications. Mr. Offenberger holds a bachelors degree in accountancy and CPA certification.



Mr. Eaton has 35+ years capital markets experience. Consulting to both public and private companies in the areas of investor relations, arranging financings and corporate transactions. Since 2007 he has been Chairman at Baron Global Financial Canada Ltd., a subsidiary of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Member Firm VBG Group. The firm provides merchant banking services in the areas of financing, transaction planning, corporate transactions, public listings and ongoing public company management.



Dr. Jonathan Shelton is the founder of Brain Fit, LLC a private practice specializing in psychological assessment and evaluation. Bachelors degree in Psychology at Howard University in Washington, DC and a Masters and Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, Arizona School of Professional Psychology. Independently licensed in the state of Arizona for 5+ years. Focusing on Compensation and Pension Examinations for veterans, Consultative Examinations for the AZ Department of Disability Determination, and psychological evaluations for the AZ Department of Child Safety.



Mr. Nguyen is the Executive Chairman and Founder of Vext Science and the Vapen Brands (Vapen Clear, Vapen Extracts, Vapen Kitchens, & Vapen CBD). Mr. Nguyen formed Vext Science to service Herbal Wellness Center. In 2013, he developed the Vapen Brand to be sold retail and wholesale to the other Arizona dispensaries. Mr. Nguyen has been involved with entrepreneurial ventures in real estate and High Performance Automotive over the past 18 years. He is a visionary leader in the cannabis industry focusing on trends, relationships and a strong culture.

Board of Advisors

Dr. Yarger brings extensive expertise in chemical and pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) to the Vext advisory board as a leading pharmaceutical R&D in both academic and industrial laboratories for over 20 years, and a professor of chemistry, biochemistry and physics at Arizona State University (ASU). Along with Dr. Yarger’s extensive R&D and publications in pharmaceuticals, he also has significant active research projects in the areas of biophysical chemistry, nanomaterials and biopolymers, with over 150 publications in top scientific journals.

Mr. Hill brings over two decades of experience in finance, business and law and is a partner with Sirvent and Hill. He continued his education in Physics and Law at ASU, culminating in a juris doctorate in 1999. Scott values helping others protect their investments and assets, as evidenced by his law practice’s focus on patent law and estate planning. His dedication to superior client communication and outstanding work product prompted him to join WealthCounsel, a collaborative network of more than 1,000 law firms nationwide, in 2006.